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Lettre en anglais

Merci à notre ex-collègue Jean-Claude Labeye pour la traduction.


Dear Sir, Madam,


This letter is an invitation to participate in a charity project we are striving to develop.


Our secondary school, Saint-Benoît Saint-Servais, has been involved with numerous charitable events for years. We intend to organize a new fund-raising event in 2024, at the end of September or the beginning of October. At this event we will auction athletic shirts, jerseys or other items autographed by well-known sports figures.


In collaboration with Standard of Liège, renowned soccer club founded within our school 125 years ago, we hosted a similar fund-raiser in 2009, 2013, 2017 and 2020 for different charities:  ‘Arabel’, a non-profit organization which supports underprivileged school children in rural Argentina, ‘Iles de Paix’, an organization our school has been working with for over 50 years, another organization called “The Light”, helping partially sighted people and FS Agoé, a charitable association which looks after youngsters from deprived neighbourhoods in the city of Lomé, Togo through football.


For this coming event in 2024, the raised funds will be assigned, from one part, to an aid project for the reconstruction of a school destroyed by the recent earthquake in Turkey, together with St. Joseph High School in Istanbul, a school we have been linked to for years through an annual exchange programme. The other beneficiary will be the ‘Standard Foundation’, which gets involved in lots of projects daily, both by helping children from Sclessin neighbourhood and with the support for hospitalized children or also the welcoming of handicapped people.


Our site will be updated every day but it allows you already to find all the relevant information for the 2024 event as well as the presentations of the previous ones.

Join us in creating an event where the world of sports and students are working together for the welfare of young people around the world. Will you help us make this dream come true? We do want to believe that! 

Please consider donating an autographed jersey or any other sports item that could be integrated in our auction.


We thank you in advance for your commitment to help us achieve our goal and hope to get a prompt and positive response from you.

Yours sincerely,


For the organizing team of the project “ Maillots Solidaires 2024”,

Philippe COUNSON

+32 494 93 17 16

Collège St Benoît St Servais, 90C rue Saint-Gilles, 4000 Liège, Belgique

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